A hand-drawn, hand-animated 3D game in development for PC, Mac and Linux platforms. Using traditional animation in a way you never thought possible to create something truly unique.




ENDS JANUARY 31, 2014!


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James - Journey of Existence




“…Fans of hand-drawn animation will want to pay close attention… Journey of Existence is incredibly unique…”The Indie Game Magazine


“…who knows what else will come from their talented fingertips…”Indie Games : The Weblog


“…an adventure game with both 3D worlds and hand-drawn art put together in a unique way…”Atomic Gamer


“…you’ll have to see to believe…”Just Adventure

Public Impressions:

“…I dig the style. The music especially is incredible and very fitting…” “…What a lovely animation idea…” “…I think I would play the game for the art style itself…” “…It’s a wonderful idea…” “…Sometimes, a game can be art…” “…Impressed by your dedication…” “…That is so cool how it’s 2d and 3d at the same time! I love it!…” “…looks abstract and cool…” “…what you have so far is pretty cool but its name and theme have a lot of potential…” “…That’s a really cool concept…” “…I’ve wondered myself how one would go about just such a thing(traditional/3D) and here it is…” “…I really like the hand-drawn art style…” “…this game looks beautiful…” “…such a unique game…” “…Very cool project, I love the concept of hand-drawn animated art…” “…I truly appreciate what you are doing with a hand drawn animation game…” “…your drawing skills need quite a bit of work…” “…this is absolute crap, dude…”


Don’t Take Our Word For It, Try The Demo and See For Yourself!

(for best performance, please download the standalone pc/mac/Linux builds)

(for best performance, please play the most recent demos listed here)

Downloadable build for Windows (XP service pack 3 or later) (released January 6, 2014) (SD VERSION, FOR SYSTEMS WITH 4GB RAM OR LESS)

Downloadable build for Mac (released January 6, 2014) (SD VERSION, FOR SYSTEMS WITH 4GB RAM OR LESS)

Downloadable build for Linux (released January 6, 2014) (SD VERSION, FOR SYSTEMS WITH 4GB RAM OR LESS)

Downloadable build for Windows (XP service pack 3 or later) (released January 6, 2014)

Downloadable build for Mac (released January 6, 2014)

Downloadable build for Linux (released January 6, 2014)

Downloadable build for Windows (XP service pack 3 or later) (released December 12, 2013)

Downloadable build for Mac (released December 12, 2013)

Downloadable build for Linux (released December 12, 2013)

Instructions for offline builds

Online/Browser Demo (released December 21, 2013)

Online/Browser Demo (released November 18, 2013)





James is a young boy who wakes up in a strange, fantastical place. But he doesn’t remember where he is or how he got there… he doesn’t even remember his own name! With the help of a mysterious cat and a cast of interesting characters, James must journey through incredible lands and uncover his memories, and realize the dark truth of this mysterious realm. With two possible endings, the story will stay with you long after finishing…


Simple but varied platforming and puzzle elements with plenty of dialogue opportunities, to enhance the storytelling and open your mind.


The heart of the game, all the characters are set to be hand-drawn, brought to life with traditional animation. Every cell is drawn in HD and rendered by methods inspired by older games like Doom or Wolfenstein 3D, but a player-controlled third-person camera allows gameplay and graphics to be developed independently from each other, and for the player to experience more angles in ways never attempted before. It’s pseudo-3D built from the ground up for modern hardware.










A one-man Canadian company born in 2013 in Windsor, Ontario, Dust Scratch Games is a independent group focused on developing computer and video games.

Formed at a time when the video game industry began a new generation, despite games still looking and feeling the same as they did years ago. Our focus is on creating unique projects that challenge how all games are made while still keeping true to what video games are, either through visuals, AI, or gameplay. We look back at a time when great minds first came up with grand ideas, at the start when they would take concentrated dust and make scratches across surfaces to document their imagination. Pencil and paper… that is our inspiration, and that is where all our ideas begin.

Contact us at ahlynka@fromdustscratch.com or visit http://www.fromdustscratch.com to learn more!

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The Next Generation will improve existing work. The True Next Generation will ignore it completely and give us something we never could have imagined.


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